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Plague Inc .: virus outbreak which broke out in China, contributed to the increase in popularity of the game. According to the portal SteamCharts, a sharp jump reflected not only in the record attendance online, but also the number of users simultaneously playing.

 According to current data, an indicator of the average degree of involvement in the online Plague Inc. Evolved, it is fixed at 1515 users. Previously, the maximum number in this category were 900 players. The record was set five years ago, the year of release of the game.

 It is also known that on 26 January 17,889 members have joined the game, before the peak figure was 4601 people. The maximum activity was recorded in April of 2018.

 It is significant that the game Plague Inc. took the leading position in the ranking, where the most popular paid apps for the Apple operating system in China. All these results were due to current situation related to the outbreak of coronavirus.

 Everything that is happening is clear to fans of the game, but for those who have not yet faced the Plague Inc, explain: Plague Inc story is that the player must find a way by which he will infect the planet personally developed virus.

 Full release Plague Inc. Evolved on the PC as well as on popular consoles in 2014. While the mobile version was available even two years earlier.

 The virus in question, in reality, was discovered late last year in China. According to the media, they are already infected 600 people, the number of fatalities – 17. Other sources report that the number of suspected equal to 2700 and the number of deaths reached 81.

 And while in the game and life is raging virus, people are disappointed one more unpleasant news – exit the game Cyberpunk 2077 moved. Why? Read the material.

 Recall that in contrast to the game on the operators of gambling Macau dangerous virus outbreak could affect destructively.

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