Jazz & Whiskey Club

TUTU JAZZ & WHISKEY CLUB is not only the sounds but also the taste.

Preparation of each drink from the card, as well as composed for individual orders, is a celebration. And there is something to prepare from! Almost 230 types of alcohol – from rum and gin to honey and wine …
And whiskey – more than 50 types: single malt and blends, bourbon and Scottish, from barley to corn.

There are also beers – the original Czech barrel Pilsner. What’s more, our club offers a full selection of barrel types of Książęcy beer and numerous bottled beers.
And for those whose life is cheerful enough without alcohol, we recommend a wide range of coffees and teas, as well as cocktails – of course, alcohol free!
And the place itself? Since its opening in November 2008, it has been said that TUTU is the place with a nice, intimate atmosphere. In 2014, there was a move to the neighbouring basement – on the corner of Rabińska and Św. Ducha streets and… We managed to transfer our cosy atmosphere to a much larger premises!

TUTU JAZZ & WHISKEY CLUB currently has five rooms, among them are: bar with one of the longest counters in Toruń, concert hall with the space necessary for live performances, fireplace tempting in winter with the company of a warm hearth and in the games and play room you can use a pool table. It’s the place where you can stay one-to-one during an intimate date or you can organize a birthday or a large company meeting.

TUTU – Everyone will find something for themselves here.

ul. Rabiańska/Św. Ducha

87-100 Toruń

tel. (56) 676 84 99



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