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Open everyday from 15:00

To know what to expect from Kadr Cafe, feeling the guitar music floating in the air is enough!

The centre of the place is the over 10-meter high bar, from behind of which impressive shelves emerge, full of specialities, the view of which will put in a good mood every gourmet. You will see almost 300 brands of all kinds of pop drinks there.

Are you a fan of whiskey, do you like rum or maybe you want to check if a cucumber-flavoured vodka is better than the pineapple-flavoured one (and is it still vodka?!) – here you will find something for yourself and the trained bartenders will prepare an excellent composition for you.

More photos from of the club

ul. Żeglarska 5/1
87-100 Toruń
tel. (56) 659-15-68



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